The Times  November 10 1999

Bill Giles appeals against 'bully' tag


BILL GILES, the BBC weatherman, launched an appeal against the Meteorological Office yesterday after executives upheld complaints that he had bullied and intimidated colleagues.

The ruling against Mr Giles, appointed OBE in 1995, followed an inquiry into allegations by two fellow forecasters, David Lee and Richard Edgar, both of whom are on sick leave. The appeal's outcome will be known later this month.

Outside the Met Office in Bracknell, before meeting executives, Mr Giles, 59, said: "I have every hope that the appeal will be upheld." Mr Giles, who has been in charge of the BBC team since 1983, has contested accusations that he behaved like a "head prefect". He said of his colleagues: "I like them a lot. I had to manage people who have big egos. I have a big ego as well, and that does make it a little different to manage somebody in an office."

He released a statement through his union, the Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists: "What we have sought to prove today is that Bill Giles is certainly not a bully, that he is not guilty of harassment, and that the allegations against him are a farrago of unrelated personal gripes that do not amount to 'serious misconduct'